Pastor AugieThis is a picture of me in one of my favorite Hawaiian shirts at a Vacation Bible School.  Notice the bony knees – an inheritance from my father.

When God began pouring His Agape Love into your heart the moment you became a Christian (Romans 5:5), He began a life long process that Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13.  It is to turn your heart to Him through His Love.

Picture the time of your conversion.  Like any other person who was filled with sin, your back was turned away from Him.  Your heart wanted nothing to do with the Lord.

Then came the moment when the Holy Spirit gifted you with faith.  God began turning you to Him.

Today, God uses His Love in your heart to continue your turning to Him.

Love is the pivot point in our being.  The more we open our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to pour His Love into us, the more our love pivots us away from ourselves (and our sin) to Him.  The Holy Spirit always answers!

How far have you turned to God?  Half way?  Three quarters?  Ask the Holy Spirit turn fill your heart with God’s Agape Love which pivots your love even more!

You can find out more about this in my book “Agape, The Forgotten Teaching of Jesus.”  Just look at chapter 1, “Love Came Back” and chapter 6, “Transformed by His Love.”

Let God’s Love turn you to Him.  Take time now to feel His growing Love in your heart.