Isn’t Time for Spiritual Renewal?

“We may face a truth in Scripture again and again without its ever touching us.  The truth lies dormant within, mentally apprehended but not spiritually applied.”      –Arthur Willis

This quote is true for what Jesus teaches about God’s Love – Agape. Let’s explore this for a bit.

We know from Jesus that He is the vine and that we, the branches, have been engrafted into Him.  Faith, we know gets us engrafted and Hope is one of the first fruits.

But what is the “sap,” that comes from Jesus the vine to us the branch?  It is God’s Love!  Paul says in Romans 5:5b,“God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.” 

How many times have we read this passage without giving it much thought?  Yet, in it is the beginning of spiritual renewal.

Let the truth in this passage touch your heart and, please, apply it spiritually.  God’s Love is in your heart, specifically residing in your love.  God’s Love becomes a living feeling, in the same way as we feel our faith and hope.

God’s Love, then, is no longer a distant, intellectual concept.  It is inside us.  It is no longer something that we try to emulate, Agape is the way we are and the commitment we make for our life.

That is true spiritual renewal.  Take a moment to feel God’s Love.

Feeling His Love brings renewed passion.  With it, we change how we live which is obedience and a life of Love.

The Agape Plan brings lasting spiritual renewal to your church. Think of it as A Stewardship Plan for your Church’s Heart and Spiritual Renewal for your Church’s Soul!