0430101855This is our special place.  It is on Highway One in Southern California, just north of Del Mar.  There, Victoria and I can let Molly run free and we can be refreshed by the sound and smell of the Pacific Ocean.

I have taught about Agape for many years.  It is a joy to see people open their hearts to God’s Love and feel its presence.

When I first taught about God’s Agape love, a woman who was well along in years plainly stated, “I am a pastor’s daughter.  Why don’t they teach this in church?”

A woman, searching for meaning in her faith said, “I thank God that He showed me His love in Jesus.  I praise God that His love is in me.  He has changed my life.”

A very important churchman said, “God has used you to write a book that can change the church.”

The one that most surprised me came from a couple at my first interim in southern California: “Understanding Agape saved our marriage.”  The husband said,  “I am a better man, husband and employee because of Agape.”  His wife said, “To be in the spiritual gift of Agape as the Bible teaches makes my life a joy and blessing.”

I hope that you explore God’s Love through my books and that your life will also be turned to God to receive more of His Love and feel it filling your heart.  I hope that your church begins their path to spiritual renewal with Agape Plan. Think of it as A Stewardship Plan for your Heart and Spiritual Renewal for your Soul!