The picture you see was taken by Victoria.  It was a cold, early spring day in Door County, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  The dog is Molly’s predecessor – Nellie.  She lived with us for seventeen years.

Now about how I discovered God’s Love.

About twenty years ago, my friend and I were discussing Christian love and how it fit in with the biblical Greek word agape.  That got me to thinking.

I looked up love in  “Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible.”   On page 622, I found that God uses the word agape (love) over 260 times in the New Testament.  It led me to believe that agape is one of God’s very important words.

Yes, I did look up each and every agape passage.  I noticed a pattern.  The Holy Spirit used agape exclusively when speaking about love, to explain who God is, what He did and does for us.  Most importantly, I was struck by Romans 5:5.  It says that the Holy Spirit poured God’s Agape Love into my heart.  It led me to ask, “Is my love more than a feeling?”

The answer is that love is a quality I have as a gift from God, much like I have the gift of reasoning or a soul.  It is something I can’t understand, just like I can’t understand God as Triune.  I know that love a part of me because I feel love.

“Agape, A Scholarly Study” tells the story of my discovery in chapter 1, “A Starting Point for the New Theology of Agape.”

That was how I discovered that God’s Love is in me.  My life has been changed ever since.