Want To Think Deeper About God’s Love?

On the beach with a rare picture of Molly the Wonder Dog – in our younger days.

My writing station is my beat up old rocker recliner.  Littered around it are scraps of paper with more revelations about God’s Love.  Here are a few of them.  Maybe you can use them for your sermons.  The factoids are in no particular order.

Factoid –  God is Love.  He doesn’t reveal more than that about Love.  His Love is faithful and everlasting.

Factoid – Love in us is more than a feeling.  It is a quality, a gift, that God gave to man.  We still have it in our heart, though corrupted by sin.

Factoid – The human love in every human’s heart is selfish and self centered.  The best picture is that our backs are turned to God, away from His love and all about us.

Factoid – We can choose to not love at all.  This is contrary to God’s intent for love and is sin.

Factoid – God’s Love has a living presence in us just as faith and hope.  We feel them all.

Factoid –  God gave us Love when we were born again.  God’s Love, poured in our heart, gives new life to that quality in us that we know is love.

Factoid – Feeling His Love develops a passion in our hearts.

Factoid – Proper understanding:  Not my love superimposed on God’s Love but God’s Love superimposed on mine.

Factoid – Spiritual Renewal.  God’s Love in us turns our love and hearts back to Him.  Feeling God’s Love in us drives out all fear to fearlessly obey the commandments and live a life of God’s Love.

Factoid – We make God’s love too intellectual, not spiritual.  God’s love is often treated as a disconnected doctrine.  It is wrongly taught that our love can emulate God’s Love under our own power.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Factoid – Yielding our love to God’s Love marks the last last bastion against the sin remaining in us.  The more we feel His Love, the deeper we fall in Love with Him, the less power of our flesh, Satan and the world.

Factoid – We have faith and feel its presence.  That feeling gets us through a lot of stuff.  We have  hope and feel its presence.  It helps us to stand fast in the promises of God in our darkest of times.

We have love and need to feel its presence.  The way that God wants it to be.

These factoids and a lot more are in my books and The Agape Plan. Think of it as A Stewardship Plan for you and your Church’s Heart and Spiritual Renewal for you and your Church’s Soul!