This is the image I use to describe God’s Love that is in our heart. God teaches that there is only one word for love and it is called Agape. I hope that you like it.

My webmaster and I have developed a great friendship. As he worked on this website about God’s Love, I asked him the hardest question ever: “What is Love?” He stumbled a bit (as did I when I began my pursuit of defining love) and said it is a feeling. He was right. It is a feeling, but it still doesn’t answer the question.

Love is a mystery. It is a quality that we have in us, like we have reasoning or a soul. We know it is there because we can feel it. The only One to truthfully tell us about love is God, since God is Love (1 John 4:18). All He says is that there is only one Love. He calls it Agape. There is no other love than Agape.

This mystery quality of Love that we know is in our hearts expresses itself through our feelings. When we Christians say, “I love God,” or “I love Jesus,” it is Agape from our heart and spoken through our feelings.

There is only one catch. Call it the infection of sin which messed up our understanding of love and its feeling. Infected with sin we forgot that the love we have in us is for God’s glory. Our love became self absorbed and self centered. That is what it means to turn our backs to God. Love is merely a feeling that we can turn on and off. We feel love in a completely different way than God intended such as, “I feel like I am in love,” “I love chocolate” or “making love.”

That is why the passage from Romans 5:5 is so important to understand: “God poured out His Love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given to us.” God restored His Love in you. The Holy Spirit helps you understand the restored gift of Agape that is in you and how you show this gift.

That is what this website on God’s Love is all about. His Love in you, what it means and how it can change you and your church.

I call this a stewardship plan for your heart and spiritual renewal for your soul. Something we all need!