God gave some to be “poimenas.”

DSCN0211Most every translation of Ephesians 4:11 renders this word as pastor.  It means caretaker or shepherd.

A shepherd like Jesus who cares by leading His flock to a better place of green pastures and flowing waters?  In my mind, that is a pastor.

The Holy Spirit has placed in your heart the calling of pastor.

Where is that better place to which to lead your flock?

My answer came when I read John 13:1.  In the quiet of the upper room, John records how much our Shepherd, Jesus, loved His disciples and was now going to show the full extent of His love. (1984 NIV rendering)

In those hours in the upper room (John 13 to 17),  Jesus talked about God’s Love (Agape) thirty three times.  Agape was the better place for His disciples and His Church to live, think and behave from that moment on.

To understand our love and God’s Love in us is the better place to lead our “flock.”  This is what Jesus wants.  It truly is the foundation for better Christians and a better Church!

The Agape Plan is intended for the church leader who seeks to bring about a spiritual renewal to the church membership.

The church leader will, through the Agape Plan, have the opportunity to change the culture of the church.

The Agape Plan is clearly and plainly laid out to teach leaders how to bring understanding of the presence of God’s Love (Agape) into their fellowship and let the Holy Spirit use God’s Love to change hearts.

God has put it in my heart to bring this plan bring to church leaders.  Good things happen within the church when God’s love is recognized, felt, and sought.

Knowing, feeling and seeking God’s Love changes everything in us and in our flock.  I call this spiritual renewal.

I share with you some factoids about God’s Love.   You can find out more from my books and how to gift your church with The Agape Plan.

Think of the results of the Agape Plan as:  Christians – A People of Agape Love and Churches – A Place of Agape Love!

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