Pastor Augie & Victoria

This picture is of Victoria and myself at my second interim in Las Vegas.  I got the call to serve while living in Tucson.  We liked Las Vegas so much that we decided to move here.

Victoria urged me to write a book about the results of my research on Agape.  My first book “Agape, the Forgotten Teaching of Jesus,” is my initial attempt to share God’s Love.  This book is a record of my journey of spiritual renewal and awakening that came as I recognized and sought God’s Love.

Eight years later and after a number of attempts at a second book, along with more research, I saw that there had never been a scholarly study of Agape.

It took me two years to put together my second book, “Agape, A Scholarly Study of the Word, A New Theology and Its Reintroduction into the Church.”  Even since its publication in early 2019, I have grown and deepened in my understanding of my love, God’s Love and how the Holy Spirit transforms my love.

As with the first book, my second book is written in a way understandable to every reader.

In it, I share some surprises.  God uses just one word for Love.  It always means the same.  He calls it Agape. We have many words for love with many different shadings and implications.

Did you know that our love is a quality given by God, as He has given us reasoning or a soul?  He also calls that agape!

How about that the other Greek words for love – eros and storge are not used in the Bible?  Philos is there in words like philadelphia – brotherly love or philautow – self love, but never are they identified as God’s Love.

Because of the spiritual challenges in my work as intentional interim, I designed a way to reintroduce God’s Love into the church.  I call it The Agape Plan.  Believe me when I say that after six or so sermons,and a Bible class on 1 John, there is a spiritual renewal among the Christians and in the Church.  The presence of the Holy Spirit is certainly felt!

I also share God’s Love with a plan made for every Christian that I call Agape For You.  It has devotionals based on my twelve Agape sermons, a home study of 1 John and much more.   It provides a way for every Christian to understand that love is more than a feeling, that is a quality that God placed in us, then to recognize, seek and feel God’s love in his/her heart.  Think of it as A Stewardship Plan for your Heart and Spiritual Renewal for your Soul!

The books are available on this homepage.  The plans will soon be available for download at my new website –  I will let you know when that site is ready.

The Love of God – pass it on!