Why Not Make Your Work Easier?

liturgies_clip_image002As I enter an interim church, I think of Star Trek: “To boldly go where no one has gone before.”

By that I mean, I know that usually sooner than later, I will step on a landmine.  We have all done that.

After stepping on a few, I decided that there must be an easier way to handle people and ministry problems in the church.  I found it in my studies on God’s Love – Agape.  I put it into a plan.

It works every time.

The Agape plan will bring about spiritual renewal in your church and will make your work easier.

As you read my book on the New Theology of Agape, along with the supporting Bible passages, you will see how important it is to recognize and seek God’s Love – Agape through Bible study, preaching, teaching and prayer.  When you do, the Holy Spirit begins His work starting with spiritual renewal.

This spiritual renewal is very personal but has its primary impact in the culture of the church.

The Holy Spirit will use God’s Love to mend the tears of division and discord in your church, and knit the membership into one heart, mind and soul.  Through His work, God’s Love becomes the ligament that joins (binds, if you will) your members, leaders and staff together so that great ministry can be accomplished.

That makes your work at least 100% easier.  The Agape Plan works.

Think of it as A Stewardship Plan for your Church’s Heart and Spiritual Renewal for your Church’s Soul!