Well, you get to see me speak about God’s faithful and everlasting love. I hope that you will think of it this way instead of as unconditional love. I would like to give credit to Karla, whose expertise made for such a great set of videos and her patience as I developed my “screen presence.” Please feel free to use these video clips about God’s Love. In Him Who so loved us – Pastor Augie

In this video from Las Vegas, Pastor Augie helps every Christian define love and understand what God means when He says that He is Love.
Pastor Augie teaches that God’s Love is known as Agape. We say that it is “unconditional.” What does the Bible say about God’s Love?
When we recognize God’s Agape Love in our heart, we begin to feel God’s Love. His Love changes our love, our heart, our will and mind. See for yourself!
Attention Pastors and Church Leaders – this is for you!
Think of the Holy Spirit pouring God’s Agape Love as I practice my pouring!
God’s Agape Love changes our love, our heart, our will and our mind so that we can live of life of Agape Love! It is a freeing experience!